Little Things

Tanurah Plummer - Brazil

October 28, 2019

I’m back! :p


I figured this time, I would bring more smiles and rainbows and talk about what has become one of my favorite things to do while I am here in Brazil. After the first week of me being here, I realized how much baking my host mom, Kamila had been doing. Almost every day she would be in the kitchen making some kind of Brazilian dessert that I likely had never seen or heard of before. At first it started off as me just watching and observing. One day, I asked her if she loved to bake, knowing I wanted a piece of the action (both literally and figuratively hahaha).


Throughout the past month or so, I began helping her with her creations. Asking the ingredients, helping her form the balls of whatever kind of delicious treat she would be making this time around, picking blackberries off of our tree to make a “sauce” for the cake. As we sit together in the kitchen, laughing as we talk about anything and everything, I noticed just how much I appreciated those small moments. “yOu’Re iN bRaZiL,” says LITERALLY everyone. As if I am supposed to hear this and all of a sudden turn into some kind of prodigious expeditioner, exploring every inch of the island. These seemingly small moments I form with my host family, let alone my host mom, will hold the biggest impact on me while on my year abroad here in Brazil. Learning about all of these different traditional treats, making 100+ miniature brigadeiro balls for my host sister’s teachers, and most of all spending my days off bonding with my host mom and spending hours laughing about absolutely nothing and everything all at once- THIS is what it’s all about.



Here are some of the treats we have made! Not only do they taste amazing but they look oh so good.




Tanurah Plummer