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I AM grateful.. for a lot. 


I am grateful for my family back home

I am grateful for my family here (also home)

I am grateful for all of my new friends

I am grateful for those who listen to me when I really need to be heard (you know who you are)

I am grateful for India and all of the many things I still need to learn

I am grateful for time… time to think, and spend, and cherish but also to waste

I am grateful for nature, something I learned to love even moree

I am grateful to be here, of course

But something I am learning to be grateful for… which is something I think we all forget about from time to time.. is myself. 

I have had a really rough two weeks. I don't know what exactly is at the core of it all BUT… nonetheless here we are. 

I am emotionally drained and for whatever reason I decided to put this is in my blog. I have lost track of what I really wanted out of this is experience (forgive me). If you asked me why I decided to join GCY in the first place I would just look at you because I am actually that drained… aha. I love being here so please! Do NOT take this the wrong way. Just hear me out. 

The reason I initially started writing out my gratitude list is because today I had 3 realisations… (coincidently on Thanksgiving)

1- The only way I am affected by the world is how I perceive it

2- I have gotten myself out of a lot chaos and on the flip-side, I have gotten myself involved in "good" things 

3- Little things DO matter, take time to notice them

There are numerous thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis but lately I feel like a blank canvas. I either overthink or don't take anything into account.. which is horrible. I know. But at least I am aware, right? I'm trying to regain focus and writing helps.. you are here to witness it. 

•Today, my baby brother finally decided to trust me enough to hold him! Again and again. I knew the day would come, but who knew he would do something so great in the time I really need it… He was the inspiration for this tangent. It was just one more thing to be grateful for•

Note: I know this isn't necessarily GCY related and I apologise. This is more for me to evaluate and I invite you to look into my thought process at the moment. Afterall, this is in fact how I'm interpreting my world right now. More interesting things to come..

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