Lindsey and Molly Try a New Food

It’s very common for people who visit Ecuador to try food that is less than usual in other countries, such as guinea pigs. A few months ago, another fellow, Molly Ryan Owen, tried churos, which are tiny snails that are boiled and eaten with onions, tomato, lime and other toppings.  Churos are often sold as street food or at sport events.  When we tried this food, we were at a soccer game in Zuleta.

The idea of trying churos was a little weird, but when one gets over the weirdness, then the rest does not matter. I wanted to be able to say that I ate snails with my best friend while I was in Ecuador on my Global Citizen Year. The taste of the snails was not really gross, what freaked me out was that they were slimy, green, and looked like boogers.

I put together a short video of Molly and I eating churos, so you can see our exact expressions and struggle to eat the snails the right way. I hope you enjoy!