Life Under a Mosquito Net

Luca Sassi - Senegal

March 20, 2019

When I describe my time here in Thienaba I think it as living in two worlds

at the same time. I have my first and main world, which is the one when I’m

awake and fulfilling all my daily activities. My second world is once I get

under my mosquito net in my room and I go to sleep.

Once a week I need to take a pill of Mefloquine which is medicine to

prevent malaria. This medicine has some interesting side effects (some not

as pleasant as others) but the main good side effect is the weird dreams

and the frequency of them, this is why I describe my time as two separate

worlds. During the day sometimes is I look forward to the night as I know

i’ll have a dream that will blow my mind in the night. The interesting part

of me dreaming is that i kind of have the power to control them, when I

wake up in the middle of the dreams I can go back to sleep and finish the

storyline of the dream, as well as think a little on what would I like to

happen next (I know is very weird).

Another interesting thing about dreaming so much, is the big amount of

ideas i get form it. I needed to make a “country presentation” (basically

analyse something in my community) to later present to the Senegal cohort.

The topic I chose for mine was “religion in Senegal” and I chose this topic

because I dreamed that someone said to me that I needed to make my

presentation on that. As soon as I woke up I had decided to make such

project about religion.

Normally things I dream are related to things that had happen the day

before. One day I was watching some videos about divers, the next thing

,that night I dreamed I was a diver at the olympics. One day I watched a

french movies with some of my host brothers (as not everyone was in the

house), and I say to my other host siblings I was going to watch that movie

with them the next day. That night I dreamed I had a fight with my host

sister because I haven’t show them the movie yet. A family member back home

went to work in Pakistan for a couple of weeks, I dreamed my best friend

was getting a traditional Pakistani wedding in Pakistan. Ando so on and so

on… Dreams are all related to things are going on in my daily life (Thats

how both of my worlds convine together).

As I mention I also have weird dreams, which are the best because every

time I wake up to them I just can’t believe that myself in the subcontinent

have created such storyline. This category includes: A dream that a hotel

had a service that sells “wolof injections” giving the ability to speak

wolof to whoever takes it. In my dreams I often laugh, I wake up with joy,

I wake up nervous and sometimes I even cry in my sleep. Also something

worth mentioning is that I’ve been dreaming in Spanish, English and

sometimes Wolof

My routine and my strategy to be able to remember all my different dreams

is that as soon as I fully wake up in the morning, I grab my phone and I

record whatever I had dreamed.

Luca Sassi