Letter for undergraduate students who don’t know what to do yet.

So I decided to take a gap year, and my parents were not very happy with my decision in the begging.

It took a while for them to understand and for me to learn how to stand up for what I believe.

I believe in the power of learning from people and places. And I was sure that India was the best way to back to the real world after two intense years of academic demand. I was ready to put into practice all the things I learned in my two years at UWC.

But after my visa to India was rejected, I felt a bit lost and I lose faith in my ideas.

I saw the big picture and I recover the faith on what I believe.

Independently of the destination I am sure every place have something to offer me. And I am excited to catch all the new experiences.


I decided to go to Senegal instead of India and don’t give up on what I believe.

I wrote this letter to those who may feel lost. If you are reading this and you are one of those, maybe sometimes surprises can be better than expected 😉


By the way, thanks to all the people to help me to fight for what I believe no matter what, you know who you are <3 Truly thanks.


 Letter for undergraduate students who don’t know what to do yet.


For those who dare to confront time and space,

and for those who go against all the odds.


For those who do what they are not supposed to do, but they do it anyway.


For those who see pigments in the colors,

and for those who recognize lyrics on the air.


For those who take pictures with their memories,

and for those who become memories.


For places who become people,

and for people who become home.



For those who feel that don’t belong anywhere,

and for those who get lost.



For those who dream awake,

and for those who need to sleep in other to dream.



For those who find beauty in the absurd,

and for those who find books.


For those who are scared but they do it anyway.


For those who fight for a belief,

and for those who believe in order to fight.


For those who visualized,

and for those who change the world.


For those who have ideas,

and for those who make them work.


For those who have faith in what is right,

and for those who have lost faith because their rights were taken apart.


For those who don’t know, but want to learn,

and for those who know and share.


For those who do art without being ashamed,

and for people who become art themselves.


For all of those who dare to be.


For those who put their lives into a rush,

and for those who survive.


For the ones that desire, that love and feel.

For the ones that resist, scream and write.

For the ones that take adventures and

for the ones that don’t mind where they’ll end up.


For finding myself again.

For becoming a better me.

For growing.

For being.

And for letting it be.