Last Blog: Gratitude

Being home has given me time to reflect. I do not know yet what I have experienced, nor do I know how to make sense of it. I know, however, that I have grown a lot, grown into someone I am proud of. And I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I was given to travel, to learn, to live in Ecuador, and to meet amazing people that I did.

This is a thank you note to all who made this journey possible and incredible.

Mandula, Baba, Sameet Mehta, Dr. Shrikant Mane, Dr. Prachee Sathe, Mandar Kulkarni, everyone who donated to my fundraiser, GCY US Staff, Isa, my Northern Hub cohort, my amazing host family, Alli for being the best team leader ever, Ecuador North staff, my amazing cohort, Yanneck, Jag for being the desi sister I so needed, the town of Quiroga, the town of Cotacachi. And last but not least, Ecuador for giving me everything and so much more.