Just the beginning

For the last few months every time someone would say, “how do you feel about going to Brazil?” my answer, with a big smile, would be “I’m sooo excited!”. Only on the night of August 24th did my answer and feeling inside my stomach change. This was the night before it all started. This was the moment it hit me that I was going to be gone for almost eight months in an unfamiliar world. Away from my family, friends, and culture, I am used to. I think to myself I have traveled so much and have three cultures as part of me, why would a new one give me that feeling in my stomach? The truth is I still do not know. It could be because I am overwhelmed with the many changes. Or, it could be because I am afraid I won’t be accepted. Or, because I am worried I will not be strong enough to deal with it. Whatever it might be – all I am trying to do now is accept this feeling. And take it all one day at a time. This is just the beginning, and I honestly do not know what to expect. It is still exciting. It is also nerve-racking. If all I do is worry about the future, I will miss the present moments. Even if the present is uncomfortable, I will try to accept it and keep moving forward because it is all part of the experience.
Thank you to everyone for coming along this journey with me and being such special people in my life.