Just Another Blog


I’m by no means the most creative or fantastic writer as you will see, but I do spend a good majority of my time reflecting through my writing. I often write when I’m sad or anxious and have no other means of coping with those feelings. 

Now, for Brazil, the real topic of conversation. I’m not quite sure how I got to such an amazing place in life if I’m being honest. I’ve always loved to travel and it started with family trips. After my family spilt apart it there were no real opportunities to travel. 

My mom began working two jobs at a time just to make ends meet. No child support and three kids just wasn’t something that could be done easily. She worked every minute she could just to make sure we could all have the right sports equipment or so that we could go on any and all field trips. She still works every single day and it’s so I can travel and explore this world. She works so that my brothers and I can dream of bigger things. She has always made it clear that the reasons she endlessly works is because she loves us.

Back to Brazil. I found out that I was going to be a part of Global Citizen Year just six short weeks before Global Launch. I was kindly given a full scholarship to India. I couldn’t have been more afraid and excited. It seemed so unknown, but that was the beauty of it. I was ready to be in such a different culture and I was ready to be shocked with new customs, religion, and food. I had figured almost every detail out. I had my malaria medications and all my shots. I had my visa and was ready to go. I was slowly checking tasks off the portal, but never the less I was making progress. 

Two weeks. Just two weeks before Global Launch and I get a call saying because of the medicine I take (Enbrel – Immunosuppressant) that I was no longer eligible to go to India unless I stopped taking it. So, I was given the option of Brazil. I was intrigued and in awe at all the new possibilities. I would be near the ocean and I would be in South America for the third time. I loved going to places like Belize and Costa Rica so, I knew this was going to be an such an eye opening experience. 

I rushed to get my Yellow Fever Vaccine. I hurried to get my FBI background check and most of all my visa, which I obtained two days before I left for California. 

I had to change my destination and notify my friends and family. I had to change my mindset and think about all the new questions I would have. I wondered about my apprenticeship and if I would still be teaching. Eventually, I figured out that I would be working with waste management and recycling throughout the city I’m staying in. I was so confused? I had not even thought of this as a possibility. How could I do this? I want to be a surgeon. I want to work with people. I like speaking with people and making direct impact. How do I learn to like recycling so much that I do it for twenty hours a week. All these thoughts went through my head over and over again. These all occurred and still do. I’ve grown to be much more optimistic and I’m proud of that in a sense because it’s something I need to do more of. 

Although this has no grand insight or wisdom. This is me. These are the things I write about at night and this is my blog. This is my space. 


(As my travels begin, I reminisce in the picture I put on top of my graduation cap.)