Je suis prêt!

So now that I’m done with high school, everyone asks me what’s next. I guess the obvious answer would be going to University, yet people are constantly surprised by my plans, which is often followed by the question ‘But why are you going to Senegal?’. And every time someone asks me this question I give the answer, whereby I share my interest in this new culture I can’t wait to experience yet can’t fully imagine what it’s truly like or about the languages I will be learning and the new people I will be meeting. 

But this decision to take a gap year and specifically go to Senegal is not a mere interest in traveling and learning about a new culture, it’s about taking a new step into the unconventional and unexpected. 

The unconventional because it’s still not the normal thing to choose to take a gap year. The unexpected because what is yet to come this year I can’t possibly imagine 


Therefore I leave this blog at this because writing about my expectations is not merely as powerful as writing about my experience and that is yet to come