It’s The Little Things.

Kalea Moore - Ecuador

November 19, 2012

  • Playing soccer in the rain.
  • Seeing a double rainbow on a bad day.
  • Watching a loving bother hug his baby sister.
  • Listening to a grandfather tell his granddaughter the story of Red Riding Hood (and letting her make some up as he goes along).
  • Showing your 4 year old host sister one of your favorite Disney movies (Princess and the frog) and even though it’s in Spanish you know all the words and all the songs!
  • Your 4 year old host sister telling you she loves you before you go to sleep at night and leave in the morning.
  • Someone reminding you how much they still love you even though you left them behind for 8 months.
  • Making friends with the bread lady and watching her teacher your friend how to dance.
  • After a long day seeing the sunset on Chimborazo and it bringing tears to your eyes because you realize all the beauty this world holds.
  • And most of all having ‘Me’ time to think, reflect, and learn how to love yourself.

These are the little things that make this journey worthwhile. No matter how hard life may get just remember the double rainbows or the simple I love yous that put a smile on your face.

Bring me some sunshine,

Bring me some blue sky.

Got everything that I pray for

Even a little more

When I ask to learn humility

This is what I was told

It’s the little things

And the joy they bring

-India Arie “Little Things”


Kalea Moore