It’s the jump, not the fall.

Chloe Stoddard - India

August 19, 2016

To be honest, I’m scared. I feel like what I imagine a first time skydiver feels like as they are in the plane about to jump out. I, like the skydiver, signed up for the experience and perspective gained from the fall, ready for my life to be changed. I am not scared of India and the diver is not scared of the fall, it is the first step out that is the scary part. It is fighting everything inside of you that is telling you not to, to stay behind and never move out of your comfort zone. So here I am, about to take the leap with the goal of learning everything I can from my 8-month “fall”. I have no doubt that my parachute will open keeping me from falling out of my stretch zone and into panic mode. My new experiences will give me an entirely different perspective and I know that the kids that I work with will help me more than I could possibly ever help them. This first post is short and maybe a little underwhelming but it is because I plan on going into this experience with little to no expectations. I plan to post often so check back for more posts from me and I look forward to keeping you all updated in this exciting year!

Chloe Stoddard