“It’s ok to cry bro” (in Joseph’s voice)

It is 2:33 am on Wednesday October 24th and I am currently crying in my bed
and can’t sleep. I have always heard of home sickness but I’ve never really
experienced it for myself until now. It’s been a little over a month in
Ecuador and it’s been nothing but posativity and amazing experiences and I
still can’t help but miss all the little things that make home so special.

I miss the conversations I would have with my mom in the mornings sitting
in the rug down stairs talking about life and what ever is happening. I
miss having the Sunday workouts with my dad where we would talk trash and
be competitive all with the clear intent to become the best person
possible. I miss my brothers related by blood and the ones that I have
chosen for me in my life.

And although I miss all those things I also know I can go through this
journey and come out a stronger better person because of all the people I
miss. I know my mom is rooting for me. I know my dad is supporting me. I
know all my family and friends are in my corner and I know I can do it.
I’ve set my mind on finishing what I’ve started no matter how hard it gets
and I am so greatful to know I have all the support I do because without it
I wouldn’t have made it this far.

And if you are back home and reading this know I miss you, I am sending
love, I am struggling but I’ll be perfectly fine… I got this shit