It gets a lot harder before it gets easier

Back at home, San Jose, California, I held a consistent pace of life that had taken me years to establish. I’d finally adjusted to my community, surroundings, and relationships, but now I’m committed to a seven month experience that will begin as exactly the opposite. It’s a taunting ordeal, getting used to a different setting, and I’ve always gone out of my way to avoid it; I visit the same restaurants, I order the same meals, and I eat them with the same people.

It’d been a while since I last had to meet a large group of  individuals, in a new (and by the way, gorgeous) surrounding. I did feel somewhat uncomfortable in the past week, and not at fault was my environment, but its change. The first few nights of our stay at IONS I’d wake up expecting to be at home because I have, for the past eighteen years! It’s still strange to be away but not too difficult, and that I owe to the Fellows. They’ve all been supportive, kind, and an amazing group I’ve learned a lot from.

I’d accustomed to an agenda that yes, provided consistency and comfort, but very little challenge of my potential. I leave for Brazil in just a few hours, and I know I’m ready to enjoy every minute of it.