Introductory Post

As a child, my parents would often find me, independent of supervision, exploring beneath tables and desks in their workplace for used bubble gum.  Without much thought, my small toddler fist would stick the gum into my o-shaped mouth to be discovered.  Although I no longer chew used gum, I believe that I am still that same young girl.  I have actively worked to safeguard some of the most valued toddler characteristics: curiosity, creativity and a sense of adventure.

I am from the borderland of El Paso, Texas. My home, is as porous as a sponge, absorbing cultures that make the city what it is and has made me who I am; a person of cultural knowledge, interest and acceptance.  I have a deep love and concern for others and their stories. I am inspired by the change we can all create.

My explorations have taken me from the limited world that rests underneath desks in an office to a culturally diverse borderland, all the way to my current place, the world as a Global Citien. This year my life will totally change. I want to step off the plane smiling at a new world that may not smile back. I want to embrace my vulnerability and hug opportunity. I want to walk barefoot, digging my toes in the dirt, letting the earth know I am hers.  I want to build relationships that hold meaning in every nook and cranny. I hope to be at peace, but never reach contentment.  And finally, I hope my searching soul never dies and my powerful passion never fades.