Nicolas Freschi - Ecuador

July 5, 2011

To be honest, I am pretty uncomfortable writing a blog post. I have long been under the impression that there are very few things I can share on the Internet that are worth sharing. I am not a noteworthy photographer, musician, comedian or journalist. In the face of billions and billions of tweets, blogs, websites, videos, and other online media being uploaded by the second, I have never really seen myself as having a fighting chance at getting the attention of the Internet. It may very well be that I never will, but as I prepare to set off for Ecuador next year on my Global Citizen Year perhaps something has changed. Maybe, just maybe, this one of a kind experience will be enough to let me stand out in the ocean of white noise. By leaving a demographic of millions of college-bound kids to one of a couple dozen Global Citizen Year Fellows, my message will, at the very least, be broadcast on a much less crowded wavelength.
I am not boasting that my content on this blog will be better in any way than the YouTube videos and Facebook statuses you all interact with every day. What I am saying though is that it will be different. The reason websites like YouTube and Facebook coexist is because of their differences, not their similarities. And so, I am hoping that whenever you are looking for a change in web scenery, you will stop by my blog and check out my latest vids, pics, and posts about what is going on in my corner of  Ecuador. Thanks in advance for subscribing!

Nicolas Freschi