Impressions of the last two weeks

Hola gente, 
As promised I am finally sharing some pictures with you! (However, unfortunately, for some of them I did not have the settings quite right which is why they are a little grainy)
San Francisco

The number of US flags displayed on every street is astonishing! Especially to a German who only sees the German flag at international soccer competitions.
Some of the street art in San Francisco is absolutely beautiful, however, noting compared to Ecuador (scroll down for pics of the street art here)!
San Francisco is home to some of the biggest companies in the world. Unfortunately, income inequality is an accompanying issue.

Something that really surprised me about Ecuador was that every street in big cities as hat least one wall which is beautifully painted.
The colorful houses of Quito really stood out to me on our bus tour.
As we were approaching this hill in Quito I was well impressed by the skills of the bus driver who managed to drive the bus through these narrow streets.
Driving through Quito "at night" was a beautiful experience. However, it was only 6:30pm as it gets dark here very early.
On top of the hill I realized how big the city is and how beautifully located in front of mountains and volcanoes.

I reached the limit of the capacity for photos, so I will have to send a second mail.
Hasta luego!