Impressions of the last two weeks (2)

Aaand we continue with Quito

Street dogs are everywhere in Ecuador, however, most of them do not look sick or starved.
Wuhu, a pretty balcony.
Cuenca (the city where I have my Spanish classes and which is closest to Gualaceo where I live)

Cuenca is beautifully located in the Southern sierra region.
Again, we had a bus tour through Cuenca. However, I had several days now to explore the city and it is amazing and way prettier than Quito.
Just another example of the street art and creativity all across the city! 

Cuenca has an astonishing cathedral in its center and this picture only shows a small part. In general, Cuenca is beautiful and full of creativity, art and culture. Everyone who visits the South of Ecuador should stop by the city and search for its obvious and hidden treasures.
This statue is located slightly outside the city centre and is impressive. The way of portraying a volcano is very special and (I am running out of words for astonishing and impressive). Apparently it represents the people working with iron and other metals who used to be the predominant population of this neighbourhood.
This was it with pictures from travelling before meeting my host family. I will some share something written about my first few days adapting to a new home.
Hasta luego!