Human Connections and Personal Reflections

I lay here in my Senegalese hotel bed and feel the humidity
of the air. I notice the flowy mosquito net that encapsulates me. My gaze turns
to the skies as I make my way up the winding staircase to the rooftop. A slight fog
covers the tallest hill in the city, and I take a deep breath. I am at ease.

The past 6 months have been filled with task lists, stress,
fundraising and plenty of goodbyes. It all becomes worth it in this moment.

I am here.

Among people who come from 5 different continents. Who speak
dozens of languages. Who believe in the power of human connection, and are here
to learn to use it as a foundation for a life dedicated to bettering this

I smile.

This is one of those moments that I chase. The unprovoked, authentic
presentation of pure bliss.


As I reflect on my last week at Global Launch, my mind
immediately goes to the people. The beautiful, ambitious, genuine individuals
that I grew to love after only one week. Some of whom left for other corners of
the world, and some of whom I am lucky enough to keep around for awhile. There were
some very hard goodbyes, but each tear was filled with an equal amount of
support and happiness for the adventures to come.

I have learned more about how I wish to interact with the
world around me in just 7 days than in the entirety of my 18 years of

Much more to come.


with love,