How to eat a pomegranate 1

Monday 10th, September and time flies-

I feel like I had left home yesterday, however, the calendar says something different.
(Should I believe on the calendar?)
The first stop, before India, was in San Francisco. There we had something called Global Launch. It's basically a week to meet other fellows and the GYC team, introduce ourselves to the experience and get to learn many MANY Muchas things about the program, our host countries, host families,. etc. In resume, Global Launch was amazing!! I met other UWC people, I met friends like Samuel who was like a brother since the first day that we saw each other., I had the chance to discuss interesting topics, to dance, to laugh as a crazy woman, to understand that being vulnerable is completely fine. I had many questions before taking the plane to SFO. Was I strong enough to face India? At Global Launch I comprehended throughout meeting the fellows that you don't have to be ready, the future is now, live the moment, and take the challenge. In 5 days I got so close with other fellows, and then we all had to take different buses to end up on different lands. I felt emotional but enormously happy and grateful. 
this post will continue soon- I am sleepy and a well-looking pomegranate is waiting for me.