How to bucket shower like a pro

Hi again friends!
Welcome to another blog post by yours truly. This one is less of a reflection and more educational in nature (or maybe it’s just me showing off my new skills). I’m pretty proud of them. 
I was scared before coming, scared of water not shooting out of a shower head. Pouring the water on myself?! How strange and terrifying. How foreign. I used to shudder at the thought! I mean this is complete hyperbole but I definitely wasn’t sure how much I would be able to comfortably adjust to showering with a bucket instead of standing under a convenient stream.
 It turns out I have seen the light, friends! Truly. This blog post may or may not turn into some light propaganda but this is seriously better than I thought it would be!So now I look forward to teaching you the art of bucket showering like a true professional!
Step 1
Get your bucket. Don’t forget to fill said bucket with water. That’s kind of important to the whole process. 
Step 2
This one’s less of a step and more of a ‘you should avoid this’. Try NOT to go downstairs and heave the full bucket to the top with immense difficulty. Just fill it in your room like your host brother said. Sigh. 
Step 3
Find a small bucket to use with the big bucket of water. This will make an awesome bucket team. Best bucket friends. This small bucket should have an awesome handle so you can grab onto it easily. 
Step 4 
Crack the bathroom door open, sandal in hand, prepared to annihilate any flying insect in the vicinity. Crack the door open a little more until you are absolutely certain there aren’t any moths near the light. Keep in mind that this step is extremely important people. I don’t recommend skipping it. 
Step 5
Step into the shower and realize your hand is the shower head now! Wow. Realize that now that you can be the shower head, you are taking a big step for humanity in stopping the robots from taking over. Pat yourself on the back. Not today robots, not today. 
Step 6
Pour the water to cover yourself. It shockingly doesn’t even use that much water! 
 Step 7
Feel a debilitating sense of guilt at how you have been tearing apart the planet slowly and have been wasting shocking amounts of fresh water for almost 19 entire years of your life. Shed a single tear for humanity.
 Step 8
Use your soap and whatever else you need to do. Lather and do whatever needs doing. Attack sweat zones actively. And guess what? The best part is you don’t even have to waste any water during this part! Yay! 
Step 9
Rinse away soap and use hands to help get that soap off. If you are washing your hair, have no fear! Just use your hands to squeeze your hair so all the shampoo and conditioner comes out. Just scrub it a lot. It takes practice though, I can tell you that much. 
Step 10

Throw a small party at how little water you used. If I am not washing my hair, I literally use next to no water. Look at this before and after photo of my bucket! 



Step 11

Make sure there is no cockroach crawling on your foot. It happens.

Step 12

You don’t have to do this but you can even save the water you use when showering to water plants if your family has a garden! Sustainability! Woot woot! Hair grease water is apparently great for growing plants. 

Step 13

Dry off and check your clock. Marvel at how quick that was. Realize that there was no time wasted swaying in the nice stream of water coming from the shower head. Rejoice that there is now more time in the day to be confused and do the rest of the things you do! 

Step 14

Repeat. Don’t just do it once! This is for life!

Wow. To be honest, this is much better than I thought it would be. I personally find this even easier than a shower head shower. Not only does it save a lot of time, it saves more water than I actually thought it would. You can see with your own eyes how much water you are using. I researched for 10 seconds and found that the average bath takes 35 to 50 gallons. A ten minute shower usually takes about 25 gallons. But I just used next to nothing! Definitely not even close to 25 gallons. So for the purposes of sustainability and convenience, go for it!

Join me in the bucket shower revolution!