Here I am

Ely Kadish - Ecuador

September 10, 2012

Here I am a baby. I do not yet know how to live in this place. I am guided and my hand is held. I see all, but understand much less. I soak up all I can each day hoping to retain something for tomorrow. I am ready to grow. 

Here I am a child. I have parents who watch over me. I have a mamita who corrects me when I am wrong. I have a papita that works to provide for the family. I stumble and pick myself up. I watch my family and mimic what I still have not yet learned. 

Here I am an adult. I have personal responsibilities. I am a piece of a larger group. I travel with confidence and I attempt to function as a part of society. I am living independently. I am my own keeper. 

Here I am again learning to live. I have struggles to overcome and memories to make. I begin to memorize my route to school and what I will need each day. I eat new foods and discover what I enjoy. I take the bus and live like everyone else. I am finding my way down unmarked paths slowly finding my way to the other side. 

Here I am myself. 

Ely Kadish