Golden Arches

Those Golden Arches. Oh dear. I miss those beautiful, Golden Arches. I couldn’t really sleep very well last night. Perhaps it’s because my mind was too preoccupied thinking about that image in my head. Oh how the gold pops with that red background. And here comes a little girl with beautiful fire-red pigtails and freckled cheeks. I think her name is Wendy?

I don’t even like fast food that much. I have no idea why I’m craving McDonald’s and Wendy’s. I mean, Wendy’s has the best chicken nuggets, with McDonald’s close behind. Wendy’s breaded nuggets are flavored with heaven I swear, while McDonald’s incredibly crispy nuggets are fried with the oil of the gods. I am quite the nugget connoisseur. I remember those late night Wendy’s runs since Wendy’s in Burlington, Massachusetts doesn’t close ’til 2 on Fridays. But as I think about it more, it’s not the fact that I miss fast food or I’m really craving those nuggets. I miss the comfort. I miss the comfort of piling inside a van with your friends late at night to satisfy your hunger, with the only thing that’s open. I miss the memories.

I thought I’d see a McDonald’s in Senegal and I thought every time I see one, I’d be comforted by those memories. But when I Googled it, Senegal actually doesn’t have a single McDonald’s. Which is probably better for my health, but it just reminds me exactly how far away I am. When there’s no McDonald’s, you gotta be in a far-away world.