Global Citizen Year or Vacation?

Senegal is the real Globlal Citizen Year, and everyone else is on vacation. If you have problem with what I just said, @ me. I don't know too much about what's going on in India, so I'll give them a break but I know for a fact that everyone in Ecuador and Brazil are chilling. I check my social media (Instagram and Snapchat) and see people at the at the beach (all of the time), parades, cafes, a skate park (???), etc. like it's nothing. I bet if we switched countries in the middle of the year, you wouldn't be able to handle it. I read a blog by a fellow in Brazil and she had the nerve to say she was bored. You don't know what boredom is until you're either sitting in your room all day or outside under a huge tree, drinking tea for hours. All in all, I don't want to hear a word at RET about how hard there year was if you didn't come from Senegal.