Getting There

As I fly into my new adventure, my gap year in Ecuador, I can’t stop thinking about what my second year told me about her gap year experience in Ecuador. Just 2 weeks ago, I was still in HK, having lunch with her. Time passed by real quick.

I left Hong Kong a week and a half ago, saying bye to my parents…once again. The night before I left, I was still stuck in China getting my Ecuador visa. Although it was a stressful long trip, waiting 6 hours at the embassy till 9pm, I finally got my visa after 4 months. It was worth it.

I then headed onto Japan, Vancouver, and Seattle, visiting friends and relatives along the way. Now, I am finally on my last journey, to San Francisco where we will have our global launch. I am extremely excited to meet everyone, to see other peers who have a common mindset, who want to venture out to see a different part of the world.