Global Citizen Year: My Gateway from High School to Sociology

Lucias Potter - Senegal

July 15, 2011

My name is Lucias Potter. I am from Oakland, California where I spend most of my time advocating for social justice, writing, or spending time with my cousins. I believe that the human race has a responsibility to make sure everyone can live comfortably. I believe that when people give power to their government to govern, despite of how unequal economic classes get, no one should ever live uncomfortably. This is why I am going to college to be a sociologist. This is also why Global Citizens Year syncs so perfectly into my life agenda.


I want my dream to be fluent throughout the whole world. Studying different societies and social structures around the world is the key to the best global community. That kind of world collaboration is the best way to make sure we make governments that allow all citizens to live comfortably. Global Citizen Year is a great program for youth to start thinking outside of their box and on a global perspective. Also, having been brought up in Oakland, I have become a strong activist against systems of oppression. Throughout the world countries implement these systems for money, resources, and power. I believe that when people have a stronger understanding of world cultures and customs, they do not buy into stereotypes that justify some of the things governments and companies do. Also when corporate and governmental leaders have a greater understanding of people in the global society, it will be harder for them to exploit others with a clear conscience.


Global Citizen Year is a program that encourages youth to think about other countries in their everyday lives. Communication like this will shape decision making tomorrow. Extirpating stereotypes about other countries and other people can give people the minds to say “we have more and they deserve more.” Connecting with other countries passionately is the key to get corporations to stop taking their resources to use for their own wealth. I believe that Global Citizen Year is a gateway program that can get things like this accomplished. Global Citizen Year will be the step to college I will need to become a successful Sociologist.

Lucias Potter