Let me give you all a little insight about my work in Ecuador. I am doing an apprenticeship in Ecuador with Global Citizen Year for about almost four months now. It is crazy how time is flying by really fast.

  The name of the organization is Maria Amor and this is in Sayausi. They even have a branch in Cuenca the city which serves as offices and houses for women run businesses, coffee shop and catering service.The one in Sayausi is a foundation,home and rehabilitation center for abused women from three countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. These women live in the organization itself where is it pretty safe for them.
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                                                                                                                                                                                     ( Television and sitting area)
I would like to give a little background about my work.I work with about 13 to 15 kids between the age group of 2-12 years old. My task is to plan out activities for the kids such as soccer. help out with their English homework, reading with them and working in the areas of nutrition and cook with them. I even try to read books in Spanish with my terrible accent and pronunciation to the kids. So on Wednesday we make various kinds of breakfast food for snack as pancakes, cookies. It is fun to conduct this cooking class with these kids.
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                  (cooking with the kids on Wednesday)
I love working with these kids because they are lovely to work with and are really patient. These kids are just really amazing. I have had experiences with working with children from Germany, France. One thing I have noticed is that the kids are very different at my work and are always willing to learn new things, are open minded and they get attached to  new people very easily. Whereas, this is wasn’t the  case in the where I have worked in the past. This is why I enjoy working with these children. I have become emotionally attached to this kids and these children have had come from very tough background. Sometimes these children can be very aggressive and these should to be handled with care because it very sensitive matter. Again, we understand where these kids come from. It takes a lot patience to work with them. This is definitely even challenging if the language skill ins’t good but still I manage to deal with these amazing children.
​                                                                                                                          (Christmas picture with some of the kids)
This is pretty much the description of my work with these wonderful children. They are just amazing.