From Your Younger Self

I am precisely at the point where I began this whole adventure – completing Global Citizen Year tasks all the way from my grandmother’s apartment in Tehran, Iran. I remember sitting right in this room, gathering the documents, organizing my things, preparing some assignments with an overwhelming anticipation for my big trip.

Well, I’ve been back, doing basically the same things in the same place as before. I couldn’t help feeling stagnant, wondering whether I had moved in any direction since last year, or if I had just made a 360-degree turn. A “round-trip.”

Yesterday, however, there was a shift in the theme of my year’s finale. I was finishing my last tasks when I took a break to satisfy my nostalgia with revisiting all the notes I had taken in Ecuador. And as I was flipping through the dozens of entries, I came across one I had written on August 16th, 2014, titled Letter to Future Self””: