For words only go so far

I’ve written countless blog entries, yet I’ve posted none, and there’s a simple reason why. 
I can’t do just to my experiences by the use of words only, or any other form of media. 
I can tell you a story from my life, but in the end, it will only be a story based on my interpretation of the world, and you will interpret my words based on your own worldview. 
I can show you pictures, but any picture will not show you that which is beyond its frames. 
I can have you listen to sounds of Wolof drumming, Seerer lullabies, prayers in Arabic and the wind from the Saharan desert, but I can’t make you breath the same air, feel this heat of the sun, or taste the rice I eat every day.
I can show you a video that will make you smile, or one that will disgust you. But by showing you a clip of space filled with infinite burning suns, I can’t make you feel small. Some things can only be understood by living it yourself. Actually, I think it’s that way with everything. 
So I’ve been here for 5 months, have less than 2 months left, and I’m supposed to share my experience with you, when the truth is I can’t. Not wanting to accept that prevented me from posting those earlier blogs. But now, I’m thinking that whatever I do forward on won’t change that which I have already lived.  
So I’ve decided to share a little story every week, and allow for you to create your own meaning and add that to your worldview and life.