First Hello

Hello Flowers,

first blog post, I am excited and terrified. Also, I haven’t even left my door yet.

12 days left until I will take off with the plane towards San Francisco, and my suitcase is was ready 2 days ago. You might wonder – “how do you pack for 8 months in one suitcase?”. My answer to you is “I don’t know, let’s see how it goes!” *Blink blink*. We learn from experience right? And tons of Youtube videos!

Here comes a little introduction to me;

Name: Ida Rut Amalia Nydelius

Age: 20 summers

Zodiac sign: Cancer (I am able to carry my home with me wherever I go – beat that lion!)

Nationality: Swedish – from the forests of Dalarna. Yes, I live among the “Troll”

Interest: arts, culture, travels, learning, dance, entrepreneurship, and sewing. Not a fan of sitting still

Favorite colors: Marine blue and rose pink

Role models: Angelina Jolie and Coco Chanel

Dreams: to live without boundaries, work with my passion, and, to continue to plant seeds of positive change throughout my life and wherever I go.

A little introduction to my blog; my promises

  • I will post regularly, I am thinking of Sunday/Monday (or a day in between ;))

  • To bring a camera and share pictures of my journey with you. I am lending out my eyes to you <333

  • Be creative and genuine.

  • Work on my grammar (though, you will find grammar mistakes if you look for them. Not a native speaker…sorry in beforehand)

  • Share posts, audios and videos – in both English and Swedish! Sometimes in one language, other times in both! We’ll see <3 ohhh and… maybe even offer some Portuguese too!

  • Update you about my everyday life in Brazil, happenings, thoughts, questions and answers, and more.


Welcome to my blog!

Your life gardener,


(Sharing a picture of me, in my regional costume, on my graduation day! Cheers to new adventures!)