First Blog Post

Currently, I am sitting in my dorm at Stanford, and the plane for Ecuador is 8 hours away. I can only attempt to grasp and grab hold of all the feelings occurring throughout me, yet I am drawn to write in poetry-ish form to explain my thoughts and experiences here at GCY so far. I title this 
"Last moments" 
the last moments 
these memories have a tight grip
as I leave
the last hand to be held
 by the love I care for
now my heart clenches as I continue to relive that moment
I fly to a place full of souls that inspire 
each word spreading wide into the air 
each glance sparks with curiosity and interest 
to know one another
these last moments here I will miss
Soon to board a plane
to take me on a journey of loving 
journey of learning
journey without expectations 
these are the first moments
I embark these moments with clarity
I want to understand what's misunderstood
trusting of the unknown 
in 8 months 
I may miss these first moments