First Blog!

I am from Buenos Aires,

from the pinchos al carbon in the hot summer heat.

I am from my family in Madrid and Pamplona.

I am from the beautiful game that is futbol,

the game that raised me and showed me to kick before i could walk.

I am from my little sister, and the responsibility I carry on my shoulders.

I am from the ocean that tosses and turns me. If you fight it, it will not like that at all.

The waves are a friend that carry you up and down.

I am the games I play and the people I meet.

I am everyone I have yet to see and greet.

I am the pride that runs through my veins

and the history of my name.  

I am from my godfather who's no longer with us,

and I am from my cousins who still are.

I am nothing original,

I am a culmination of everyone I have ever met,

and that is what makes me so unique.

I am super excited about commencing my journey to California and then to Brazil! One of my favorite things in the world is traveling on a plane. I love sitting in my chair without shoes with my music and food. Every time I’ve traveled I’ve gone to visit family in Argentina or Uruguay or Spain, so now I associate flying with seeing family and having super sun adventures! Brazil is such an amazing place with such a rich culture and I can’t wait to experience such an amazing year. I am truly blessed to go on such an incredible trip that most people don’t have the opportunity to realize their whole lives. I don’t know where I’m staying, who I’m staying with, or where I’ll be working, but I am super excited to find out on this crazy adventure!