Finding Comfort in the Unknown

I’m still re-learning what it means to find my way around without a set of instructions. I think I’ve forgotten to enjoy life outside of the schedule written in the white boxes of my planner. At moment’s glance, it seems that I have everything in life figured out, but a closer look will expose that I haven’t. I’m lost within the world of absolutes and familiarity.

All I know for sure right now is that I fear a monotonous life; I want to live with intention and purpose albeit I’m not sure that the linear path in front of me will take me there. For that reason, I’ve chosen to clear my own pathway, to explore what is around me, and to regret nothing.

I know not what awaits me in Ecuador, but I seek to climb out of this “chasm of apathy in which [I] have fallen.” Although I’m scared of leaving comfort, I am terrified of living the mundane life. I need to make a difference in this world, or to leave it knowing that I gave my all trying.

Therefore, I find comfort in the unknown that is this bridge year. I don’t know for what exactly I am searching, so maybe I will find it in this uncharted experience. This is me trying to map it out.