Bucket List

Ecuador GCY Bucket List:

Memoranda- Here are my original bucket list ideas that I wrote out during immersion week, decided to do a bit of editing (in parathesis) after thinking about what I really wanted from my Global Citizen Year.

#1) Go to a bar after turing 18 (obviously not to drink, I just want to go to a bar just because I can go! Check out my next blog post, under Goal #2).

#2) Watch a Lake Yuhuarcacha sunset

#3) Go back to Quito: *Basikilka *Restaraunts *Carolina Park! *Volquanic Park (I left out one place in Quito I plan on visiting, not because I’m not allowed to go but for another reason. I can’t share it right now and I’ll explain some other time while, but I’ll explain eventually).

#4) Hike a Volcano.

#5) Hike a mountain & reach it’s snow tip (w/ snow)

#6) Go to the Amazon Jungle

#7) Read six NEW books (pretty much I mean what I mean-read a new book for each month I’m out here at Ecuador)

#8) Increase long-distancce running to FIVE miles (changing this one up, shooting for seven)

#9) Vist all four provinces of Ecuador (Andes, Costal, Amazon & Galapagoes) (alright, you caught me-meant to say regions not provinces)

#10) Have a campfire with the amazing people

Somethings I realized I have to change up a bit-like go to the Amazon Jungle pretty much goes under visiting the Amazon-but I just wanted to share my original-authentic bucket list. Still going to add somethings the more research I do on Ecuador and the more time I send here-but this is what I’m going for!