Feliz viernes!

Or, in English, happy Friday!
I can’t believe I’ve only been in Quito for a week. Maybe it’s because of this Ecua-time.
I live on the hustle-bustle street of Av. Américan, which lies right in the heart of Quito. Every morning I wake up to a slight pollo singing faintly in the distance, just for me. I shower, put on my jeans and Global Citizen Year shirt, and go downstairs to drink some jugo de mango my abuela made for me. The queso y pan (or cheese and bread) hasn’t gotten old yet, so fingers crossed I can survive on the carb-intense Ecuadorian diet.
I then make my daily twenty-minute walk to EIL, where I spend four hours studying Spanish in a small room with five other amigos. From there, another walk. This time to the biggest park in Quito, where all of my fellow Fellows sit, listen, and learn something new about Ecuador, its people, culture, and ourselves.
Then I walk back home, take an hour siesta, and wake to my host abuela, mama, y hermano downstairs ready for dinner. Dinner in Ecuador lasts about two hours, where we all sit at the table, talk about our day (minimally for me due to my little Spanish), nibble on some more pan, and drink some hot coffee.
It is Friday, and dinner is waiting for me. And as I type this from my room upstairs, I cannot forget about the amazing people downstairs and the beautiful city outside just waiting to be discovered. 
By me.