I believe it’s the perfect time for me to give my readers a look into my Brazilian experience. This culture is something similar to abstract art from different view points the object changes. When first arriving to Brazil, I thought I would be able to place a label over Brazil that fit it to a T, oh how wrong I was in my thinking that a country named the “Land of Color”, would have only one label. So immersing myself into this experience it has forced me to become more of a listener, this language is sweet much like the air filled with an undertone scent of life living and rushing rivers.

Brazil time is something amazing being able to stop solely to speak on the street or enjoy lunch at home, something that I feel we lack in the states.

Brazilians are evidently people but something about growing up in a culture that caters to the person, everyone seems to glow even on their worst days. You’re probably wondering where does Isaac Lee King fit into this picture.

I want you to imagine when you were four years old and just couldn’t reach the kitchen counter and had to ask for help.

I’m a four year old in a teenager’s body rapidly trying to catch up to my outward appearance.

At the moment I’m trying to tackle one of the biggest hurdles of my life the difference between coc╠ź and coco.

I’m living this experience through the moment where I’m stretched well past my breaking point. I’m truly learning to love Isaac Lee King!