Every individual is a unique existence of this world.

Every individual is a unique existence of this world.

“We live alone, we die alone”

“Everything else is just an illusion.”

———“The art of getting by”

I guess the existence of every individual on this earth is unique and irreplaceable.

What are you doing while I’m writing this text? Probably reading a book? Watching a movie? Or talking to somebody on the phone?

Every single second that has happened in every individual’s life is different from the others. And it’s those seconds shaped us as the person we are today.

What is the main way that we understand other individuals? How do we express ourselves to others? What is the object that is mostly used in this world?

It’s Language.

It’s communication.

-“Hey, how are you doing today?”

-“How do you feel?”

-“What do you think of her?”

You rack your brain; You try to find a way to express everything you have in the back of your thought; You turn all those thought or image or something couldn’t even described by words into language; you combine all the words, letters, phrases and sentences that you acknowledged. And at the end you either say them out loud or you wrote them down.

That is how we understand the world.

Isn’t it?

But have you ever thought about how huge the deviation could be between the information has delivered and the information has been received. The difference experience of every individual created their own unique personality and way of understanding the world. So even though there is only one context, one sentence. Every individual will have their own different interoperation due to their unmatched life experience.

Now please think about someone that you have been really intimate with.

Do you know him/her?

You do?

I’m not talking about what kind of food they like or what color do they like. I’m talking about this person, yes, this person, as an individual human being. How much do you know about him/her?

A lot? Everything?

Are you sure about that?

You are?

No come on, think again.

Don’t you never had the moment be like “OMG how can he/she do such thing like this”?

You sure that is not what they want you to know about them?

You sure that is not what you want to know about them?

You sure what you have known is everything? by everything I mean EVERYTHING.

See? You are not sure anymore. But that’s ok. Because I guess we will never be able to get to know someone completely,

All the time we’ve been passively receiving information from the others. They deliver the message that they want to share, we receive the message that we want to hear. At the same time the uniqueness of every individual doomed the different understanding of the same concept and this is the reason that creates misunderstanding. Beyond that, I truly believe that there are contexts couldn’t be expressed by only using words. They are more than words, they are beyond words. The monotony of language makes our experience seems so similar to others, even though sometimes they are not. I guess that’s the reason that “speechless” exists in the dictionary. And those “speechless” part makes it even harder for us to get to know other individuals.

So it’s fine, it’s not your fault that you don’t know the person that you thought you knew pretty well.

Don’t get disappointed.

Because the “unknown” part is exactly the reason that distinguishes us from other individuals.

We’re special and unique because of the “unknown” that we are carrying within us.

Every individual is a unique existence of this world.

“No man is an island.”

“Every man is an island.”


I appreciate that I am having lots of free time here in this country, so I could think about the problem that I never got to think back home or back to school.

The whole blog was inspired by a talk with a fellow in my region. He is amazing and everybody should be friend with him.