Event Success!!

My yard sale/bake sale fundraiser went so well!!  Raised over $325!!  Thank all of you who were able to donate to the sale, it couldn’t have happened without you.  Of course I can’t forget to thank everyone who purchased from the sale as well.  I am really happy with the success of the sale, I had only hoped for $100, but we got over three times that much!  My family helped me out a lot with collecting stuff and waking up early to set up the sale and I can’t thank them enough.  To see how well my hard work was rewarded was a great feeling and it showed how work really does pay off.

I had the sign my sister is holding in one of the photos below up the whole time and as people noticed it I was able to spread the word about how great Global Citizen Year is!  One man even knew about the program and commended me for the work I was doing for the program.  The Ithaca community was great and stepped up to the plate to buy from the great variety of goods we ended up having to sell.  It was really interesting when an Ithaca police squad car parked in front of the sale and a police officer stepped out towards us (I was getting really worried even though I didn’t know why).  He got up to are corner of the block and looked around, then walked up and started asking how much things were!  HA!  Even the police were buying.  I do love the Ithaca community and I’m going to have quite a hard time moving away from it for so long.  Hopefully the community I find down in Brazil will be just as great.

With the money from the sale I have almost half of my goal of $2,500 which is great, but I could still use all of your help!  Please if you can, donate to my cause by going to this link.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right to stay up to date with my experience.  It’s getting so close!

Thanks everyone!