Emily Marin blog 1

Its a Friday afternoon and I have just come back from a long and tiring day of school. I am drained, I get off the car and the smell of carne asada draws me to the backyard like a moth to light. I see my grandpa and uncle drinking. My grandpa sneakily gives me a piece of meat since it is not all ready. I walk inside and my grandmother is in a rush preparing food and organizing everything. It is to say the least very hectic. My grandma gives me containers to take outside and I happily go because I know if I stay inside I will be put to make food and I'm a terrible cook to say the least. when the sun goes down and the food is ready the rest of the family arrives. usually its first my tia liz with her husband and two daughters. They always come with fresh beer, limes and food because my cousins are vegan. Then my Nino arrives (he lives next door to us so they just walk ove) with his wife and four children. He usually shows up and then see what's missing goes to the store and comes back with what we need. then my father get here late because he works late with his wife and my two sisters. He goes to the store before he comes to get whatever he thinks is needed. the whole family is together eating and laughing in that hot summer night and as it passes midnight the family starts to clean so we can all leave. the next thing you know your in bed and as you lay in the quiet you quickly miss all the vibrant noises from that night. little do you know the tradition is coming to an end in a couple of years and all you have now are memories.