Elena Ward Blog 1 Title: Anxiety, Altoids, and Adjustment: Preparing for my Global Citizen Year.

Elena Ward - India

August 26, 2019

Anxiety, Altoids, and Adjustment: Preparing for my Global Citizen Year. 

As August wore on, I found myself beginning to dread global launch- honest. I’ve been anticipating this day since October, so why was I so scared? Seeing everyone for the first time was an overwhelming and enthralling experience. There were hugs, tears, laughs and screams as the people who I’ve taken this incredible journey with, materialized before my very eyes.

My initial fears subsided as the night went on, and everything seemed to mellow down. After the last meeting of the day had concluded, I found myself in a room surrounded by new, yet familiar faces playing the most INTENSE game of uno I have ever witnessed, and passing around a tin of peppermint altoids (courtesy of JJ). Although it was arguably the most fun I’d had in several days, I quietly slipped out the door and back to my empty room to collect my thoughts. I showered, called up a friend from home, and reflected on the day. I soon found myself feeling trapped within four walls, missing my sense of security, and wanting to be held by sister mother earth- somewhere deep in the woods alone with my thoughts. The heavy black sleep that followed this hurricane of emotions acted as a glue, bonding together my worries and doubts with the echoing affirmation that was pouring from the mouths of everyone around me: “You belong, here.” 

There has been no shortage of love and compassion resonating in the words of the fellows of this amazing global cohort. Every conversation is saturated with feelings of acceptance, love, and a shared longing to connect. Although we’re all nervous, and the air around us is buzzing with self doubt and exhaustion- every fellow I have encountered is working to help each other adjust. It is the most beautiful expression of humanity that I have witnessed, first hand. We are here as one loving connected cohort, and each and every one of us belongs here

Elena Ward