September 7th, 2015


The three of us sat around the kitchen table watching La sombra de Helena. Pauli ate ramen noodles with canned tuna and mayonnaise; Magi sipped coffee. I smeared a small, flat circle of corn bread that she had made for me the night before with peanut butter and Nutella and took careful bites, brushing the stray crumbs off the table cloth (checkered, with faded illustrations of oranges and apples) into my hand. Helena was furious with her daughter for dating an older man (Helena’s ex-boyfriend, no less): the two were having a massive fight and we were all fixated. Luis Eduardo walked into the kitchen and I could sense him watching me watching the screen: “Te gustan las telenovelas?” he chuckled. “Sí, me encantan.” Everyone laughed. “Qué linda esta wawa,” Magi breathed and I smiled at the pictures blurring on the screen.