Des Choses Gratuites

On my first day in Senegal, I somehow lost 40,000 francs CFA. Welcome to Africa, kid. Since then, I’ve received plenty. Free love! And also, completely for free:

-A leather/snakeskin pouch from a guy in the touristy artisanal market who tried to rip me off, but then softened when I told him I had no ‘xaalis’

– An ‘I Love Africa’ necklace from a random guy while I was enjoying a plate of French fries

– A soap dish

– Senegal Report 2009 (in English!) from museum guide in Saint-Louis

– A plastic marabout calendar from the Leona pharmacy

– An extra orange to my kilo from a lady in Louga after a round of bargaining in Wolof

– Motorcycle rides

– Backstage access at a concert celebrating the inauguration of the Pont Faidherbe in Saint-Louis

– Clothing

– Ray Bans

– Fabric scraps from various tailors in the Potou/Leona area

– A pink razor (Christmas gift)

– A big shell from a rather rancid pile on a fishing beach in Joal

– A neon purple plastic beaded bracelet from a girl in my village

– Water and blessings from a pilgrim returned from Mecca

– Cookies from the baker at the house of Serigne Fallou in Touba

– Amoxycillin