Dear other Fellows and supporters,


It’s official! It’s a wonder I even made it this far–but I am to board a plane to California on Sunday (flying American, please pray for me) to partake in Global Launch with GCY. This will be my first time to California and the west coast. Although I won’t be sightseeing, I’m sure Stanford is quite the view!


For my gap year, in partnership with Travel Access Project’s Gap Year Grant, I was awarded a Tortuga Setout Backpack worth USD 200! It’s mighty big, and built like a suitcase, and will serve as my one and only carry on.

My trusty drawstring bag from volunteering at the Zoo will suffice as my personal item. She’s been through a lot, but is still kicking!

And of course my teeny TSA toiletries bag!




Just realizing this will be my last time sleeping in my hometown. Next time I crash will probably be on the plane to SFO. See you there!