Dear washing machine,

I miss you so much. I miss your buttons which I push every time my clothes are dirty. I miss your glass window through which I can watch you tumble and turn my clothes to wash them.

I am sorry I neglected you before. Whenever I had to load you or unload you, I always hesitated. Do you know how hard life is without you here in Pano, in the Amazon jungle? My hands are damaged from the soap and from brushing out the dirt. And since the sky always cries here, so do my clothes because they’re wet, humid, and smelly.

I almost cheated on you in the city of Tena the other day. I was so close to entering the laundry service to pay for other machines to wash and dry my clothes. But I stopped dead in my tracks. Two reasons stopped me from cheating on you:

1. Laundry services are expensive.

2. I have to keep washing my clothes to empathize the Kichwa women who wash the clothes of 5 or more family members.

When we meet again, I promise to treasure you and appreciate what you do for me.


Soe Han Tha