Dear Sir, I Concur

I just read Alec’s post “Sodoku?!” and I must say that I have had the same experience here in Guatemala! The first night that I stayed in my homestay we watched The Fast & The Furious on TV. Though I had known my family for only a few hours, we chuckled at the same parts. Granted, I was chuckling because I remember what the lines were in English and they were chuckling because they understood the Spanish dubbing, but it made me realize that there are some very basic things that are just universal. (Like how cute Paul Walker & Tyrese are.)

Also, this morning for my refaccion or “light refreshment” as my dictionary puts it (AKA snack!) I had two clementines or mandarinas. I love clementines with a passion! At home I eat them by the box full every week. And now here I am gobbling them up with the same enthusiasm thousands of miles away from Raleigh. (And I would also like to point out the fact that these clementines were almost certainly grown organically, locally, and picked when they were perfectly ripe, and also cost less than 25 U.S. cents whereas at home they would have been sitting in Whole Foods for 6 dollars.  Just a strange thought that occurred to me while I ate. As an American I used to think  of my standard of living as superior, but in some ways, I am the one who is missing out because I can’t grow my own limes and

So, yes, Alec you are completely right that we all have more in common than we think. It’s a great thing to realize, because it makes this incredibly different place seem like it could be home for me too.