Dear India: Shout Out To The Auto Wala!


Dear India,

You’ve taught me a lot, and for now we have temporarily
parted ways. I remember they days where I had to walk to the auto station not
too far from my host family’s house and the man in the picture above was always
there. Not only would I see him there, but I would often see him posted
randomly across the city, and he would always remember me. I found it funny how
he went from normal driver to Ola auto driver by the end of my experience in
India. I never caught his name because I was never confident in my Hindi or
Marathi speaking skills, but I guess that’s just the crutch living in a more
developed city in India offers. I wish I learned his name, but I have no
regrets because at the end of the day it was individuals like him who added authenticity
to and dash of curry to my experience!

Until We Meet Again India,


P.S: I’ll never forget the many times I spent lost in autos
like these on rainy days with a dead phone, but it was patient auto walas  (auto drivers) that kept me safe in these
crucial times. Thanks again India.