Dang… I’m here! (Zion Lee’s First Blog)

Zion Lee - Ecuador

September 18, 2019

I really can’t believe I’m hear right now. I’m walking on the campus of a school that my mind, body, and soul has always dreamed about attending. Sleeping in a dorm room with only my body occupying the space as I had a room to myself. Feeling those moments, coming to California for the first time ever and spending a day and a half with unique friends I kept in touch with from my East Africa trip, I’m now in a space where I am meeting young minds that I have truly began to love so… so much. From creating a tremendous relationship with my new brother Jordan, to meeting this incredible young woman name Angie who may never know how much I really like her and how much I wish I lived in New York. and stepping onto this campus, such high energy just happened to be raging through the air. As I arrived to the campus on August 25th of 2019, I began walking into Crothers Hall at Stanford University. My extremely nervous mind began to move my feet in this slow and anxious manner. Those same feet approach the sign-in desk and came to realize that wasn’t even the correct last name for me and wasn’t even the sign-in desk. What a way to start the week of Global Launch off. Rerouting my steps, I finally made it to the sign-in desk. I completed all the tasks once arriving and now, my time was free to do as I please. I moved into my room and finally finished unpacking. So, I walked outside and something just made me shiver. As there was no wind breeze blowing against my body, the only assumption I could make was that it was the Holy Ghost. I mean what else could it be, right? However, it wasn’t the Holy Ghost. It was that high energy I was feeling in the air when I first arrived on campus. My mind couldn’t recognize something it had never dealt with before, so it thought this feeling was because I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that the Global Launch was on the same grounds as my school I desperately wanted to attend.

Spending a week on the campus, meeting such incredible human beings from over 32 countries and 7 continents, creating such great bonds of friendship, laughing so hard, and staying up late nights just to play cards with those friends you bonded with or watch funny movies was what I felt Global Launch was all about. No matter what it was, though, time didn’t exist and laughter was saw as important as breathing. My mind and its foolish ways realize something and it was how uneducated I was. I was only able to see this campus. The campus known around the world. The campus that has one of the greatest academic curriculums in the world. But come to understand, it was those incredible human beings I was up late nights with just laughing and laughing. It very rare times it occurred to me that I was even on Stanford’s campus because those human beings are would made memorable moments for me and not the school. Throughout it all, I learn that one, the campus is just land and the human beings on the campus are the school. They are what make it so great whether that is in academics, sports, social life, etc. And also, I have met so tremendous human beings that I get to spend 8 months with and get to know them even better than I already do. Even though I will miss out being with some friends I have become extremely close with, we all will have such impeccable experiences in our countries and so eager for this expedition.