Dancing Shoes

Charlotte Benishek - Senegal

March 12, 2012

Recently Megan, another fellow from my region, and I sat in the sand deeply daydreaming in the unique way that only occurs when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

“How can I best show Leona (my host community) to people at home?” I mused, slightly frustrated, having been unable to answer the question myself.

“Make a video,” Megan answered.

“Yes, but making videos is difficult and often boring,” I countered.

“Well, make it interesting. We both like to dance.  What about a music video?”

And so “Breakin’ it Down in Senegal” was born.  Megan and I put on our dancing shoes (err… sandals) and made this video with a little filming assistance from my toubab friends.  It was filmed in and around my host community (including on top of the water tower!).  I know it’s not exactly profound, but I hope it helps you visualize my surroundings and makes you smile a tiny bit. Click the link below t0 enjoy!


Charlotte Benishek