Coming Home, Remembering Ecuador

From time to time, Ecuador makes itself present in me, even here at home. It’s the way that I sometimes accidentally greet random people on the street, the way I almost forget to leave tips at restaurants, the way I find myself eavesdropping whenever I hear Spanish being spoken, the way I get so excited when I hear Despacito on the radio- it forces itself to be remembered. And while I am surely very glad to be home, there are many things that I miss about Ecuador, things that I find hard to express in words.

During my last three months in country, I took up photography. While these photos don’t do my entire experience justice, here is a collection of some of my favorite moments that I had the chance to document.

Andrés & Yorkcita// Cuenca

Pirotécnicos// Firecrackers, San Bartolomé

El Año Viejo// New Year’s Eve, San Bartolomé

Café Nubia// Nubia’s Cafe, Cotacachi

// Laguna Cuicocha

Incan and Cañari ruins// Ingapirca

Baptism// La Iglesia del San Bartolomé

Baptism Party// San Bartolomé

Fishing town// Puerto López

Tourist boats// La Isla de la Plata

Dogs on the roof// Vilcabamba

Getting lost// Quilotoa Loop

Moving the cattle// Quilotoa Loop

Niños, guaguas// Quilotoa Loop

Vistas// Laguna Quilotoa

Henry visits Ecuador// La Nariz del Diablo

//Baños de Ambato

Cascada// Waterfall, Giron

Lina’s vegetables// Prefectura del Azuay

Hermanos// Mi casa