Colors Around the Mountain

As the sun goes down, the colors around the mountain emerge. The roas gleams burnt orange against the array of greens that blossom up the hillside. Yes, the houses blend in with the brown of the brush but the flowers bloom brilliant reds and oranges. Mangoes droop from tree branches, fading from a pale yellow to a deep orange. Women passing by wear vibrantly patterned clothe around their waists and their smiles shine brightly, no matter how many teeth they still have. The sun slips below the horizon and the clouds blush pink as it exits. The blue sky holds the reminisce of the sun’s fire in orange and yellow streaks before it fades to a deep navy. The stars come out slowly until the whole sky is freckled with them. The sun’s gleam is replaced by the soft glow of out fire, on which the water for rice is just about to boil. Another day ends as the world keeps spinning and I am left wondering if I will ever see colors like this again.