Children Teachers


For the past seven months, I had been working at a daycare in Florianopolis. I was engaged with children of age 3-6 years. Although I had a little difficulty to cope up with my apprenticeship in the beginning, as time passed, I was used to and enjoyed the presence of the children.

One of the major task in my apprenticeship was to click photos and videos of children, engaged in their day-to-day activities and upload it on the social media page of the daycare. In this way, we created a transparent environment between the parents and their children. The parents were updated on what their children were learning and could support them by creating a similar environment at home. I think that it was a wonderful and interesting job to take part in. So, as I was wondering about my capstone project, I realized ‘Why not use these photos and videos that I took while working?’ Apparently, it was a good platform to show my engagement in the local community. Thus, I chose the visual storytelling track as my capstone project.

As I started working on my capstone project, I had some good reflection of my time in Brazil. I had created a very good relationship with my co-workers and the children at the daycare. The photos and videos reminded me of the little memories that I had shared with them. The project is about all my learnings from the children who, rather than me, were my actual teachers. The children have taught me to nurture friendship, be fearless, be active and to enjoy the small things. The children are one of the best friends that I made in Brazil with whom I could share anything without any judgement. They were also the ones from whom I learned Portuguese. I appreciate how important a role they played in making my bridge year successful. Now, as I skim through the photos and videos, I try to remember all their names which was always challenging for me. Anyways, I still remember the kids who were really close to me.

Furthermore, I have already started receiving feedbacks for my capstone project. My friends and family here love it and they have an idea of what my work was like there. Capstone has helped me fill this gap between my two communities. Something more valuable is that my co-workers there at the daycare enjoyed the project and I am super-happy about it!

The link to my capstone project:

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